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LED Retrofit & saveONenergy Rebate Specialists

Serving Ontario Industrial, Commercial, Recreational, Institutional & Multi-Unit Residential Facilities.


Swantech Energy Solutions provides innovative, effective, energy reducing LED retrofits to improve efficiency, eliminate maintenance & repair costs, and make a positive contribution to your bottom line.


You can rely on our expertise in:  Interior & Exterior LED Lighting, Lighting Controls, Lighting Layout & Design, and as saveONenergy Rebate Application Representatives.


With the challenges of Ontario’s ever-changing hydro landscape, our years of experience will help cut your energy consumption and eliminate maintenance/replacement costs no matter the size of your facility.


An LED Upgrade is about your results.  Lowering your hydro consumption and eliminating maintenance/repair costs will deliver a return on your investment that contributes to your bottom line.

Your LED Retrofit will be developed with a clear energy saving result and will deliver the maximum benefit to you.

Solid-State LED Lighting

It's a fact! LED Lighting delivers immediate and lasting energy savings. We're part of a group with over a decade of experience in energy efficient lighting. We only work with industry leading manufacturers who are committed to the development of premium solid-state lighting that delivers the best in energy efficiency, cutting edge technology, longevity, and reliability. To find out how LED will reduce your hydro consumption and save you money click the button.

Interested in reducing your hydro use but don’t know where to start?  Call us at 1-888-848-4121 or fill out the contact form below.  We’re here to help make LED retrofits and saveONenergy rebates understandable.

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