Faced with ever-increasing hydro costs, Ontario factories & industrial facilities receive huge savings by making the switch to energy-efficient LED lighting.  In addition to reducing hydro consumption and their long industrial life-span, our LED systems greatly reduce the ongoing maintenance costs associated with traditional lighting.

It’s not uncommon to see a manufacturing facility reduce their lighting hydro consumption by over 60% by switching from Metal Halide to LED, and by over 50% by switching from Fluorescent to LED.  These savings are as impressive as the increased quality of light that LED delivers.  LED has a high Colour Rendering Index, meaning that it is closer to natural light than traditional metal halide or fluorescent lighting.  The end result is a well-illuminated work area, providing increased productivity and additional safety for your employees.

Rebate eligible LED retrofit options for high bay metal halide lights as well as linear fluorescent lights are available.  Lighting control systems are also available to further decrease your hydro consumption.

LED High Bay Lighting

If you don’t have an electrician, we can arrange for a team of licensed electrical contractors to look after your retrofit quickly and professionally, with minimal interference to your production schedule.

In addition to the factory, we provide lighting solutions to provide better light quality and unbeaten energy savings for offices and administrative areas as well as parking lot lighting, wall lighting and other exterior lighting.

The bright clear light provided by LED will give you years of reliable service, coupled with the energy efficiency to reduce your ongoing operating costs.

Industrial LED high bay lighting
Metal Halide High Bay LED Upgrades
Linear Fluorescent LED Upgrades
Lighting Control Systems – for increased savings


Upgrading to LED makes sense.
Knowing your current costs, projected savings, and payback will show you why.
Isn’t it time you cut your hydro bill and started saving?  Contact us today and let’s get started.