Safe, Powerful, Cost-Effective, Upper Room UVGI

Scientifically Proven To Safely Purify Upper Room Air

In Occupied Spaces

It's Time To Feel Safe Again

CLean AIR1 UVGI works continuously, safely disinfecting and purifying upper room air in occupied spaces. By inactivating infectious airborne pathogens, the risk of cross-contamination is reduced.

How CLean AIR1 UVGI Works.

1. Germicidal UVC projects across the upper room air.

2. Warmer air from respiration & other sources rises. Pathogens are carried with it.

3. Pathogens become inactivated as they pass through the germicidal UV field.

4. Air is continuously being purified in the occupied room.

5. Disinfected, cooler air naturally circulates downwards.

CLean AIR! UVGI Fixture

Inactivation of Pathogens

When exposed to germicidal UVC at a wavelength of 254 nm, DNA and RNA of virus and bacteria are inactivated . When inactivation occurs, a pathogen loses the ability to reproduce itself. This quickly results in the elimination of colonies and reduces disease-transmission significantly.

More Power, Lower Infection Rates

A top-quality 55-watt low-pressure germicidal lamp delivers highly effective UV-C irradiance at 254nm. Upper Room UVGI using UV-C at 254nm has been proven to inactivate pathogens, thereby purifying the air without the use of toxic chemicals. The unique outer glass tube absorbs the lower wavelengths, suppressing ozone formation and ensuring environmentally friendly air sterilization.
  • Effective and environment-friendly disinfection without chemicals
  • High UV-C radiance at 254 nm
  • Low mercury content
  • Special coating ensures long lamp lifespan
  • Ozone-free

Increased Coverage, Increased Protection

A single CLean AIR1 upper room UVGI fixture extends an unmatched coverage area of up to 750 sq. ft. at an irradiance at 2 µW/cm2.
The degree of pathogen inactivation, by germicidal UVC radiation, is directly related to its coverage area. The strength of disinfection minimizes as the germicidal UVC radiation extends further from the source.

Precise Louvers

CLean AIR1 has been designed with 4° horizontal incline louvers which safely direct germicidal UV-C to the upper portion of the room. This protects humans and animals in occupied spaces from ultraviolet rays.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

When installed at 2m height, or above, CLean AIR1 surpasses all safety limit guidelines issued by the most recognized health institutions. CLean AIR1 Upper-Room UVGI outputs a TLV (threshold limit value) of 0 µW/cm2 (microwatts per square centimeter) at human eye level.

Upper Room UVGI For Today's World

The CLean AIR1 incorporates a powerful UV-C lamp into the shortest Upper Air UVGI fixture in the market today. And it's only 4" in height.
Ultraviolet intensity and projection are maximized thanks to special accurately curved polished reflector on the interior walls of the CLean AIR1.