LED Lighting Retrofits That Perform

Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting Retrofits & LED Lighting Supply

LED Lighting Retrofits That Perform

Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting Retrofits & LED Lighting Supply

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Area & Flood Lights

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T8 & T12 Lamps

Ontario's Leading LED Lighting Contractor For Over A Decade

Take The Guesswork Out Of Your LED Lighting Retrofit

Your Lighting Retrofit Will Pay Off - If You Focus On What's Important

Industry Leading Efficiency

Your LEDs will produce more light with less energy, significantly saving you more money year after year.

Long Lumen Maintenance

We'll help you choose the right LED fixtures to keep your facility bright for years to come, while cheap LED products fade away quickly.

Established Manufacturers

Our manufacturer partners are North American based companies with 10+ years in LED lighting. Proven reliability and solid warranties.

Lumen Output

Your new LED lighting will have the lumen output required to deliver the light levels your business requires.

Beam Angle

Each LED fixture or lamp will have the right beam angle to put light where you need it the most. We'll focus the LED light output into work areas, where you need it.

LED Lighting Experience

With over 10 years of LED lighting experience, you'll benefit by working with LED Lighting Pros proven to get the job done right.
Slash Your Hydro Bill!

LED Lighting Uses Less Hydro

Eliminate Maintenance & Repair Costs

No More Burned Out Bulbs & Buzzing Ballasts

Lighting Solutions That Save You More

Better Technology From Leading Manufacturers

Industry Leading Warranties

Up To 10 Years For Peace Of Mind

Are You Ready For Lower Hydro Bills?

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Make Your LED Lighting Retrofit Worry Free

It's Easy For You To Win With Our 4-Step Process

Free Lighting Assessment & Energy Audit
We’ll visit your location and accurately audit your existing lighting using our state-of-the-art auditing software system.

Savings & Payback Calculations
You’ll receive an accurate energy savings and payback proposal outlining the best options to maximize your savings for years to come.

Develop Your Pay From Savings Program
Our financial specialists will work with you to create a zero down program best suited to your financial goals.

Installation & Implementation
We can work with your electrical contractor or arrange for a team of experienced licenced electricians to install your new lighting system.

Does This Sound Familiar?
  • You’re concerned about the reliability of LEDs and how good the warranties are.
  • You’re constantly having to fix a light or replace a ballast.
  • You’re annoyed by flickering and buzzing light fixtures.
  • You spend time thinking about how to cut monthly expenses.
  • You’d like to improve workplace productivity and safety.
  • You worry you’ll miss out on Ontario’s lighting rebates.
A Swantech Lighting Retrofit Will
  • Slash Your Monthly Lighting Hydro Consumption.
  • Deliver The Most Current LED Technology With Warranties Of Up To 10 Years.
  • Eliminate Ongoing Repair & Replacement Costs.
  • Put An End To Flickering Bulbs & Buzzing Ballasts.
  • Instantly Lower Your Monthly Operating Expenses.
  • Create A More Productive & Safer Workplace.
  • Look After The Rebate Paperwork For You.

And We Can Do All Of This At No Upfront Cost To You! Rest Easy Knowing You’re Working With Ontario’s Lighting Retrofit Experts!

Yes, Ontario's LED Lighting Rebates Are Still Available!

And We Look After All Of The Paperwork For You.

Make Your New Lighting Profitable From Day One

With Our Zero Down Pay From Savings Program

Our Cash Flow Positive Program Keeps Your Money In The Bank

Do you qualify?

To qualify for our Pay From Savings program you must meet the following:

  • Your Lights Are On For A Minimum Of 50 Hours A Week

  • Your Building Is 15,000 sq ft Or More

  • You Have Not Been Fully Retrofitted To LED

  • You Are Responsible For Financial Decisions

“The new lighting looks fabulous! Very bright as requested.” 
Mary-Kay L., Toronto
“From the outset it was obvious that they were professional and knowledgeable . . the work did not impact on users or disrupt schedules.” 
Don C., Bracebridge
“The Lights Look Great!!!  This work was completed a lot faster than originally planned.  Great job!!” 
Trevor S., Sarnia

Would You Like To Save Even More?  It’s Easy With Lighting Controls.

Lighting Controls Will Increase Your Savings & Extend The Life Of Your New Lighting.

From Basic On/Off Sensors To Programmable Mesh Systems, Controls Quickly
Return Your Investment & Deliver You Greater Savings Year Over Year.

Typical LED Lighting Retrofit Hydro Savings

Metal Halide to LED
Halogen to LED
Fluorescent to LED
Incandescent to LED
Case Studies
  • null

    72% Savings

    Office Facility

    T8 Fluorescent To LED

    With Occupancy Sensors

  • null

    65% Savings

    Parking Lot

    Metal Halide To LED

  • null

    82% Savings

    Auto Parts Distributor

    T5 Fluorescent To LED

    With Occupancy Sensors

  • null

    63% Savings

    Furniture Store

    T8 & T5 Fluorescent To LED

  • null

    73% Savings

    Industrial Fabrication Plant

    Metal Halide & T12 Fluorescent

    To LED

  • null

    81% Savings


    Metal Halide To LED

    With Wireless Controls

  • null

    64% Savings


    T8 Fluorescent & CFL To LED

  • null

    71% Savings

    Auto Dealership Lot

    Metal Halide To LED

  • null

    66% Savings

    Ice Cream Plant

    High Output T12 To LED

  • null

    64% Savings

    Soccer Dome

    T5 Fluorescent To LED

Ontario’s Leader In LED Lighting Retrofits

Discover How We Can Help You Lower Your Hydro Bill & Eliminate Repair Costs

Swantech Have Been Leading The Way In LED Lighting Retrofits For Over A Decade.  As A Lighting Contractor, We’ve Helped Ontario Businesses, Municipalities, Recreation Facilities, and Multi-Unit Residences Significantly Reduce Their Hydro Consumption And Eliminated Maintenance Costs.

Not All LED Retrofits Are Created Equal.  In Particular, The Quality Of Your New LED Lights Determine Your Long-term Savings.  When You Work With Established North American Manufacturers You Will Save More In The Long Run.

Isn’t It Time You Slashed Your Hydro Bill?  Let’s Work Together And Make It Happen!

Book Your Free Lighting Energy Audit Today & Get Ready To Save.