Ontario saveONenergy Lighting Rebates

Ontario’s saveONenergy Lighting Rebates Program offers retrofit lighting incentives for interior Commercial, Industrial, Recreational, & Institutional LED Lighting and Networked Lighting Controls installations.

These Lighting Rebates are only available on LED Lights and Lighting Controls that are listed by either DLC (Design Lights Consortium) or EnergyStar. All of our LED Lighting and Wireless Controls meet these standards. These manufacturers’ products have been third-party tested to qualify for DLC or EnergyStar listing, making them eligible to for Ontario’s Lighting Incentives. 

It’s important to note that the application process can be challenging if you haven’t done it before.  That’s why we look after all the paperwork for you, acting as your saveONenergy Applicant Representative.  We’ll fill out and submit all of the necessary paperwork for rebate approval.  Then, once your lights are installed, we’ll submit all of the paperwork necessary for your rebate claim.

Lighting Rebates are waiting for Ontario businesses.  We’ll get the most you’re eligible for.  It’s that easy.

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