Bright, clear LED lighting acts as a calling card attracting customers to your gas bar. They also provide the feeling of safety and highlight your outside displays. Inside your store LED area lights and cooler lights illuminate your products like no other lighting can. LED cooler lights have been shown to increase sales as the products pop, and look more attractive under the lighting. All of this along with long warranties and Ontario rebates for a fast return on your investment. In addition, the long life span of LED will save you on replacement and maintenance costs for years to come. Contact Swantech Energy Solutions today for your complimentary lighting audit and rebate estimate and start saving money.

Canopy Light LED Upgrades
Area Light LED Upgrades
Refrigeration LED Upgrades
Upgrading to LED makes sense.
Knowing your current costs, projected savings, and payback will show you why.
Isn’t it time you cut your hydro bill and started saving?
Contact us today and let’s get started.

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