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A safe and comfortable space for staff, clients and visitors

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Avoid the negative economic fallout of a shutdown

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Rest easy knowing you’ve installed state-of-the-art UV-C Air Purification

Why UV-C Air Purification?

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A recent article in The Lancet, a Scientific Journal established in 1823, outlined 10 reasons in support of airborne transmission.

More than ever, the importance of UV-C Air Purifiers is being moved to the forefront of anti-pathogen strategies.

Cleaner air means safer buildings.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • The current pandemic is stressful and emotionally challenging, changing day-to-day life in many ways. And we don’t know when it really will end.
  • You feel the need to do whatever you can to protect everyone at your facility to the best of your ability.
  • You’ve invested time, money and effort into new processes and systems. But still don’t know if they’re enough.
  • You know about UV-C Air Purifiers and UVGI but don’t know if they’d actually work in your business.

Not All UV-C Air Purifiers Are Created Equally

For almost 100 years UV-C Air Purifiers have been used to eliminate Pathogens, Mould, Viruses, & Bacteria.

The virus may have changed, but as UV-C technology evolves the effectiveness of UVGI is greater than ever . . .

. . . but UV-C Air Purifiers only work effectively when you maintain to the 3 Ds.


Dosage relates to the level of the UV-C energy the pathogen is exposed to. If an Air Purifier’s UV-C source doesn’t deliver a high enough dosage the unit will be less effective.


The closer a Pathogen is to the UV-C source the more effective the UV-C Air Purifier will be. The best Air Purifiers are designed to minimize the distance of the air to the UV-C source.


The length of time a Pathogen is exposed to the UV-C source has a direct correlation with the effectiveness of the Air Purifier. Exposure time must be enough to allow the UV-C energy to neutralize Pathogens.

Dosage, Distance, and Duration Are What Matters

With the ideal dosage, distance and duration applied, UV-C effectively neutralizes Pathogens in the air.

But every facility is different, that’s why it’s essential to choose a UV-C Air Purifier sufficient for your facility.

The 3 Ds work best when they are applied correctly to the volume of air being treated.

Just Because An Air Purifier Has UV-C Doesn't Mean It's Going To Work
Dosage, Distance, and Duration Matter More Than Anything Else

Meet Our UV-C Air Purification Solutions

UVGI Air Purifiers

In-Duct HVAC UV-C Air Purifiers

SaniLume UVGI

Made in Canada

The World’s Most Powerful UVGI System.  Effective UV-C Air Purification For High Traffic Areas.

Titan LED UV-C Lamp

Made in Canada
Titan LED In-Duct HVAC UV-C Air Purifier

State of the art LED UV-C. The Most Powerful HVAC LED UVGI Lamp Available On The Planet.

Air Sniper In-Line Units

Made in Canada
Air Sniper 16x24 In-Line UV-C Air Sanitizer

4 Models To Deliver Ideal UV-C Air Purification. UVGI Coupled With Photocatylitic Oxidation For Maximum Effectiveness.

In-Room & Portable UV-C Air Purifiers

Air Sniper In-Room

Made in Canada
Air Sniper Pro In-Room UV-C Air Sanitizer

4 Models Each Designed For Different Size Rooms. UVGI Coupled With Photocatylitic Oxidation For Maximum Effectiveness.

UV Angel Air Office Unit


Ceiling Mounted UV-C Air Purifier With Built-In LED Light Fixture. Ideal For Small, High Volume Offices & Clinic Rooms.

Sentinel Wall Unit

Halton Sentinel In-Room Wall UV-C Air Purifier

Three Fan Settings For Different Size Rooms.

Sentinel Portable Unit

Halton Sentinel Portable UV-C Air Purifier

A Perfect Flex Solution For Facilities With Multiple Spaces With Occasional High Occupancy. Ideal For Gymnasiums, Cafeterias & Other High Volume Areas.


We Make UV-C Air Purification Easy

Our consultative, personal approach will help your organization select and implement the optimal UV-C Air Purification system.

1. Facility Review

We’ll meet with your team, on-site at your facility, and evaluate your facility spaces and uses.

2. Personalized Solution

We compare options and recommend air purification solutions and priorities.

3. Installation & Implementation

Once your plan has been decided our team will install the equipment.

Your facility is unique and your anti-pathogen strategy ought to be developed to maximize its effectiveness.

Our wide range of germ-destroying technologies gives you the best defence against viruses, bacteria, & other pathogens.

100% Financing Available