About Swantech Energy Solutions Ltd.

About Swantech, Ontario’s Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Experts

Delivering Proven Energy Saving Strategies To Companies, Municipalities, & Multi-Unit Residential Properties. 

LED Lighting Retrofits, Lighting Controls, HVAC Controls, Compressed Air Controls, Demand Hydro Reduction Strategies, Backup Power Generation & Power Walls, Lighting, and Commercial EV Charging Stations.


If you’re frustrated with your increasing hydro bill you’re not alone.  Since  2012 Swantech Energy Solutions Ltd. has been working with Ontario businesses, municipalities, and multi-unit residential properties to decrease their energy bills.

If you’re looking to reduce your hydro consumption, we should talk. Saving hydro begins with a conversation.   We’ll work with you to create a strategy to reduce your hydro use, avoid peak loads, and prepare your company for the future.

In 2012, our energy-saving origins began when we entered the LED lighting marketplace.  Over the next few years, we evolved to include lighting controls in our product offerings.  From there we expanded out to offer HVAC controls, compressed air controls, demand use reduction strategies, solar powered lighting, backup power generation & power walls, and industrial fans.

With the changing times, we have now introduced fleet and multi-unit residential EV charging stations to our portfolio.

Rebates and Grants are available to assist in the adoption of many of these new technologies.  We help the organizations we work with to access those programs.  In addition, project financing is also available.  For Class A and Class B hydro customers, we can work with your hydro company so the payments appear on your bill.

We’ve worked on numerous projects across southern Ontario and are ready to help you operate more efficiently and profitably.

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