UV-C Disinfection To Reduce The Spread Of Viruses

Deliver A Cleaner, Safer Facility For Your Staff And Clients

A Safe Work Environment

Long-Term Sustainability

Confidence In Results

As a Business Owner, Property Manager, or Facility Manager you find that, more than ever, you’re required to bring disinfection and sterilization solutions to your facility to support your organization’s anti-pathogen strategy.

And yet, the abundance of new technologies combined with ever-changing bacteria and viruses has increased the complexity of your job.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You know that the current pandemic is emotionally challenging for many people, changing day-to-day life in many ways.  And soon we’ll be in flu season…
  • You know that you need to do whatever you can to protect everyone at your facility and help prevent further spread of the disease.
  • You’ve probably already spent time, money and effort on new processes and systems.
  • There are “cheap” products online and you are confused about the best solution for your business.

Focus On What’s Important

A Safe Work Environment

Create a safe and comfortable space for staff, clients and visitors

Long-Term Sustainability

Avoid the negative economic fallout of a shutdown or bad news story

Confidence In Results

Rest easy knowing you’ve partnered with an expert in UV-C solutions

Our UV-C Solutions

Work with a trusted partner that is invested in providing the support and experience you need to make the right product decisions for your business. Whether you are an Industrial, Commercial, Medical or Professional Services business, UV-C disinfection and sanitization systems can work for you.

UV-C Air Purifiers

Autonomous UV-C Robots & Disinfection Spray Robots

UV-C Disinfection Box – Custom Sized

Portable UV-C Lights

UV-C Lights

UV-C Surface Sanitization

Contactless Doorway Thermometers

How Our Solutions Work


Airborne pathogens can spread extensively in indoor environments.  The threat can be neutralized through rapid air disinfecting UV-C, Induction Air Sterilization and Atomizer Disinfection Technologies.


Most Pathogens can survive on surfaces for several days.  These can be neutralized by our UV-C, Disinfectant Atomizer and Microwave UV systems.


Our instant Thermal Imaging Technology detects people with elevated temperatures at your doorway, stopping infected individuals from entering.

We Make It Easy

Our consultative, personal approach helps those in charge of selecting, procuring, and implementing the best disinfection and cleaning systems, choose a solution that matches their needs, timelines and budget.

1. Facility Review

We meet with your team, on-site at your facility, to assess your needs, evaluate the current protective measures, and determine possible approaches.

2. Personalized Solution

We compare options and recommend disinfection solutions and priorities for your specific company and business goals.

3.  Installation & Implementation

Once a plan has been agreed upon our installation team of Licensed Electricians begin implementation and you feel confident knowing you are creating a safe, clean space.

We’ll help you provide the cleanest & safest possible environment for your staff, visitors and yourself

Call us now at 1-800-610-6112 and let’s get started


Complete Facility Disinfection Systems 

UV-C Air Purification

UV-C Disinfection Lighting

Microwave UV Air Cleaning Systems

Portable UV-C Units

LED UV-C Lighting

Autonomous UV-C Robots

Autonomous Atomizer Spray Robots

Entryway Instant Thermal Detection

UV-C Keyboard Sanitizers

Custom Built UV-C Units

Your facility is unique and your anti-pathogen strategy ought to be developed to maximize its effectiveness. 

Our wide range of germ-destroying technologies gives you the best defence against viruses, bacteria, & other pathogens.

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