Parking Garage and Parking Lot LED Lighting

If the reduction of energy consumption doesn’t grab your attention, the incredibly bright, clear light sure will.  LED lighting for Parking Garages and Parking Lots is one of our specialties, and there are many benefits of switching to environmentally friendly LEDs.

Most parking garages and other parking structures require 24-hour lighting. Savings are quickly realized by switching to LEDs.  The same holds true for parking lots, which can average 12 hours of lighting per day.  It’s common to see power consumption drop in excess of 60%.  With the long hours of operation needed for parking structures and the saveONenergy rebates, you’ll achieve a very fast return on your investment.

Couple this with long warranties from North American based companies and the long lifespan of LED parking lot lights, and you’ll realize years of worry free and maintenance free operation.

Upgrading to LED makes sense.
Knowing your current costs, projected savings, and payback will show you why.
Isn’t it time you cut your hydro bill and started saving?  Contact us today and let’s get started.

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Metal Halide LED Upgrades

High Pressure Sodium LED Upgrades

High Output Fluorescent LED Upgrades

Area Lights, Garage Lighters, Canopy Lights,
Wall Packs, Flood Lights

Take a look at the above image of the entrance ramp.  You’ll see the bright, natural light of the LED luminaires lighting the ramp.  At the bottom, where the parking area has yet to be retrofitted, familiar yellowish tones of legacy parking garage lighting is evident.  LED has a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI), meaning it’s closer to natural light.  Brighter, clearer light provides more safety.  If you have security cameras, LEDs help provide clearer security images.  Better security equals a safer parking service for your customers, employees or tenants.

All of our LED parking structure and parking lot lighting is manufactured by North American companies.  This means you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your warranties are solid, without the potential hassles of dealing with off-shore companies.  All of our LED lot lighting have long life spans, saving you from the ongoing costs of burnt out bulbs and ballasts for years to come.  

We work directly with industry leaders.  This means you will be installing the most advanced, reliable, safest LED lighting into your parking garage or parking lot, and operate it at a fraction of your current cost.

Our team will also look after all of the paperwork for your rebates.  High energy efficiency and rebates add up to a fast return on your initial investment.  Over time, these savings become substantial.

Contact us today and let us help you save money, offer safer parking and lower your carbon footprint.