Wireless Lighting Controls

Take your LED energy savings to the next level with Synapse SimplySNAP Wireless Lighting Controls

SimplySNAP is an affordable, wireless lighting control solution that delivers considerable energy savings and lowers operating costs by automating, customizing, and controlling the behaviour of your lights.

Created for easy installation and use, the SimplySNAP system does not require a dedicated server, internet access and can be scaled to look after hundreds of lights – all from a single site controller.

SimplySNAP provides a reliable, self-healing, self-forming, and secure foundation for your lighting network. It also provides easy setup and commissioning with four provisioning options – including automatic discovery of unconfigured lights.

Day-to-day operation is just as easy with access from laptop or tablet. You can control or reconfigure your system whenever needed.

The optional SimplySNAP Remote Access Service allows you to manage your network remotely from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Occupancy and ambient light sensor integration allows full lighting network customization under a variety of situations. With programmable schedules and easy setup, SimplySNAP is the ideal solution for lighting control; just configure it and it runs.

  • No Internet Required

    Site based control

  • Customized Control

    Control individual fixtures or groups of fixtures based on automated schedules or sensor events

  • Flexible

    Multiple zones, behaviours and events

  • Fast, Easy Setup

    Mobile application based commissioning and control

  • Upgradable

    All future SimplySNAP releases can be upgraded wirelessly or via USB flash drive

  • Secure

    Secure connection to Site Controller via Wi-Fi and/or LAN

  • Automatic software upgrades

    via encrypted over-the-air communications

  • Custom Reports

    Graphing of power consumption and voltage

The Synapse SimplySNAP Lighting Control System is Affordable, Has a Fast Payback and Will Save You Even More.

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