Swantech Energy Solutions was created to assist businesses, municipalities & other organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and their hydro expense through the most state-of-the-art LED lighting systems.  We did this because we know that responsible organizations not only care about controlling and/or reducing their expenses, they care about the environment and what they can to leave the planet a better, cleaner place.

Along the way we established the guiding pillars of the Swantech Method:

  • Not all LED is created equal.  We only provide the most up-to-date LED products and technologies from leading companies, all with North American based head offices.
  • Finding, qualifying for and applying for rebates is an overwhelming task.  We’ve become experts at the process and take on the responsibility of obtaining rebates for our customers.
  • Every potential LED adopter is unique and deserves to maximize their return on investment.  We will strive to provide the best available lighting for each project and deliver it at competitive rates, providing the fastest possible return on investment and a high rate of return over the lifetime of each LED luminarie installed.

Not All LED Is Created Equal
The LED marketplace is crowded and there are many options available to organizations looking to change to an LED lighting system.  We’ve discovered that the best way to maximize your investment is to choose LED products from established, respected, proven manufacturers who have been in the industry for years.  These companies have done the research, they’ve sold thousands or even millions of units and have established their reputation for building reliable products.  When it comes down to it, you want an LED lighting system that delivers quality light where you need it time and time again, with the peace of mind that your investment will return savings to you over the long term.  On this point, we will deliver those savings.

Finding and Applying for Rebates is an Overwhelming Task
Rebates are fantastic to receive, but finding and applying for available rebates can be a time consuming and somewhat dauntless task.  You, or your staff, have better things to do with your time than to learn the rebate system and work you way through it.  We have the know-how and experience to uncover rebates, apply for them on your behalf and help you receive them once the project is completed.  Swantech will free your time and save you money.

Every Potential LED User is Unique and Deserves to Maximize their Investment
Swantech custom designs each and every lighting project making sure your LED luminaries and fixtures put the right light where it’s needed.  Forget about the days of just slapping up a bulb to replace another bulb.  LED is directional – the light is placed where you need it to be.  We design your lighting system to meet your specific requirements.  This ensures the light you get is the light you need, and is produced from LED bulbs or fixtures that are the right ones for the job.  The time invested in planning your project correctly will pay dividends in savings and aesthetic results.

On our first visit with you, we will audit the lighting that you’re currently using and collect information needed for a full energy savings and projected rebate report.  We’ll then meet with you and present our findings, finalizing your rebate application.  

Any retrofits and installations will only proceed after your rebate has been approved.  Immediately upon the completion of your installation, the final rebate submission is made in order to get the rebate into your hands as quickly as possible.  Throughout the process we’ll serve as your representative with the Province and local Distribution Company to ensure you receive the maximum rebate available.

If you’re interested in your own Lighting Energy Assessment & Savings Projection let’s get started today.  Just fill in the contact form below.

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