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One of the fastest ways to reduce energy consumption is by switching to LED Lighting.  Not all LED lights are created equally.  As part of one of Canada’s leading energy efficient lighting partnerships, we have access to the LED industry’s most reliable and sought after lighting products.  LED lighting is an investment, so when you make the switch make sure you do it with LEDs that are proven to save you the most energy and proven to last.

Expected led savings over Metal Halide Lights*
Expected led Savings over halogen lights*
Expected led savings over fluorescent lights*
Expected LED savings over incandescent lights*

Here are some of the main reasons why you should make the change to Environmentally Friendly LED Lighting from Swantech Energy Solutions:

Reduced Electricity Consumption
There is no other lighting system available to match the low operating costs of LED.  LED lighting operates using much less electricity to produce equal or greater light than traditional lighting methods.  Depending on your application, you can reasonably expect to lower your lighting costs by 60 to 80%, or even more.

Long Life
LED lighting lasts far longer than previous lighting technologies.  Commercial & Industrial LED lights are designed for a working life of 100,000 hours – that’s well over a decade if run for 24 hours a day!  You can reasonably expect years of outstanding performance when you make the switch to LED.

No Toxic Mercury, Gasses or Other Pollutants
Many traditional Commercial & Industrial lighting methods contain pollutants.  LED lighting does not.  LED lighting products are highly recyclable and are simply the most environmentally friendly lighting systems available today.

Installation Assistance
Our suppliers have provided LED lighting solutions for years.  In fact, we only deal with well-established firms.  They’ve provided millions of units for new build or retrofit projects worldwide.  As a result, they’ve built up the technical knowledge to help all installations.  Whether we work with your trusted electrician or provide an electrician to install your custom built LED lighting system, you have the knowledge and comfort of knowing the job is done right.  Then, you just sit back and enjoy the money you’re saving.

Long Warranties
Today’s Commercial & Industrial LED lighting systems will last for years.  With the long projected life-time comes new extended warranties.  These warranties give you the peace of mind to know that if there was an unforeseen failure you’ll be covered and a new state of the art LED replacement will be delivered to you.

North American Based Manufacturers
All of our LED Manufacturers are based in North America.  You’ll be helping to support the North American economy as well as knowing that any potential installation or warranty issues will be dealt with by companies that are easily accessible.

Elimination of Maintenance Costs
LED long life that your days of replacing bulbs, ballasts etc. are gone.  With extended working lifetimes, your LED fixtures or luminaires won’t require any of the maintenance cycles that your current lighting system needs.  On top of the energy savings you also will also enjoy ongoing savings on your maintenance costs.

Brighter, Cleaner Light
If you’re familiar with LED lighting systems you’ll know that the light produced is bright and clean.  Light quality is measured in CRI and LED has a higher CRI rating than the older lighting we are used to.  In addition, LED systems are directional so a custom designed lighting system will put your light where you need.  LED systems won’t let any light bleed into the sky causing light pollution.

Rebate Eligible
Ontario’s saveONenergy program helps make the switch to LED more affordable through rebates.  The challenge is finding LED lighting products and systems that qualify for these rebates.  The vast majority of the lighting solutions we offer are rebate eligible and we will help get you approved for a project rebate.  Visit our Rebate Applicant Service page for more information.

Outstanding Return on Investment
Your initial investment in LED will be recouped quickly through energy savings.  Given the extended life of LEDs and the long product warranties our supply partners offer, your investment in LED lighting will pay off multiple times over the life span of your installation.

Upgrading to LED makes sense.
Knowing your current costs, projected savings, and payback will show you why.
Isn’t it time you cut your hydro bill and started saving?  Contact us today and let’s get started.

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*Expected Savings indicated are based on Swantech Energy Solutions projects using our most efficient LED products.  Savings will differ from case to case and may be higher or slightly lower depending on base case measures.