The picture below says it all.  It’s an arena at the halfway point of their retrofit from Metal Halide lighting to LED arena lighting.  The superior light of LED is quite evident.  In addition, the energy savings are well over 60 percent.  Combine these energy savings with the existing Ontario LED retrofit rebates, and your facility will recoup its LED investment in months, not years!

In addition to the energy savings, LED arena lighting is built to last for years.  This outcome provides you with maintenance-free bright light for years.  It will also eliminate the need to replace burnt out bulbs and failed ballasts.

Here’s a little known secret too – LED produces far less heat, compared to previous lighting technologies.  The result is your chillers won’t have to work as hard.  Less work for the chillers means more savings for you.  Also, LED lighting in your arena helps keep the ice harder for summer hockey and the floor cooler for summer box lacrosse.  Players will love the switch to LED.

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A lot of time is spent discussing the savings that LED delivers to your ice surface.  However, there are other areas where arenas can achieve significant savings in their lighting costs.

Dressing rooms can be quickly retrofitted with our exclusive plug and play fluorescent replacement tubes.  T8 or T12 can be switched over, utilizing our tube replacements with the existing ballast.  When the ballast fails simply bypass it and the LED tube keeps on working.  This is the only LED tube available in Canada that works with and without the fluorescent fixture’s ballast.  Immediate retrofit and long-term savings, all with Ontario LED rebates to help speed up your savings.

The same technology can be used in your offices and common areas.  Perhaps the sleek lines of LED flat panels, like the ones shown in the dressing room picture, catch your interest?  With fast installation, pre-approval for rebates, and long life-span, these environmentally friendly LED panel lights will provide years of maintenance free, bright light.

In addition, LED parking lot lights and wall packs provide a bright, safe exterior for your facility.  The directional aspect of LED lot lighting places the light down on the parking lot and eliminates urban sky-glow, or light pollution.

Environmentally friendly LED lighting allows arenas and recreational facilities to reduce their carbon footprint, drastically reduce their hydro expense and virtually eliminate their ongoing maintenance expense.  With the available Ontario rebates on our arena LED lighting products, your switch to LED lighting will feel as good as scoring the game winning goal!

 Upgrading to LED makes sense.
Knowing your current costs, projected savings, and payback will show you why.
Isn’t it time you cut your hydro bill and started saving?  Contact us today and let’s get started.

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