Swantech Energy Solutions Delivers Proven Energy Saving Strategies To Companies, Municipalities, & Multi-Residential Properties. 

Ontario’s Experts In LED Lighting Retrofits, Lighting Controls, HVAC Controls, Compressed Air Controls & Demand Hydro Reduction.


If you’re frustrated with your increasing hydro bill you’re not alone.  Back in 2012, Jon Bryan, Swantech Energy Solution’s founder, was in the same boat.  As a business owner, he was looking for ways to decrease the company’s hydro and gas bills, they just seemed to keep climbing higher and higher.

Just after New Year, he was talking with a friend who mentioned his brother’s business had just installed some LED lamps.  The math worked, these LED lamps consumed less energy and lasted far longer than the lamps he was using.  Lower energy consumption means lower hydro bills.  Longer lifespans mean less replacement and maintenance costs.  Forgive the pun but the light went on for Jon.  He and his friend formed Lighten Up LED and started helping businesses and homeowners adopt the new technology.

There was only one problem, at that time LED lamps were hard to come by.  These were still the early days of LED, but already the energy savings and lamp longevity were there.  LED was the wave of the future.

Over the next few months, Jon was able to build relationships with several LED manufacturers in both Canada and the US, and started working with Ontario’s saveONenergy rebate program.

In early 2013 Jon and his friend went their separate ways and Swantech Energy Solutions was born.  Over the next couple of years, further manufacturer relationships were formed, and Swantech’s product offerings expanded.  Through this network of manufacturers, relationships were created with established Western Canada-based lighting and energy efficiency companies who specialized in large facility retrofits, particularly industrial and recreational facilities.  Swantech became the Ontario “boots on the ground” for these companies and started retrofitting arenas, manufacturing facilities, and warehouse/distribution centers.

Since those early days, Swantech Energy Solutions’ product offerings have expanded to now include lighting controls, HVAC controls, compressed air controls, UV-C disinfection & air purification, solar lighting, solar energy storage, and demand use hydro bill reduction.  We’ve worked on hundreds of projects across southern Ontario and are ready to help you operate more efficiently and more profitably.

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