Industrial, Commercial & Institutional

LED Lighting

In a Province with ever increasing hydro bills, many business owners and managers feel frustrated or even helpless to gain some control over this expense.

LED lighting will decrease your lighting expense without sacrificing the quality of light in your facility.  In fact, LED lighting provides brighter clearer light when compared to older technologies. Today’s Industrial, Commercial & Institutional LED lighting technologies deliver you high-quality light at a fraction of your current operating cost.

In addition to those savings, LED lighting is an environmentally friendly product.  The switch to LED plays a major role in helping decrease the carbon footprint of any organization.

The advances in Industrial, Commercial & Institutional LED lighting have made it more affordable than ever to make this change.  In addition, the majority Swantech’s lighting products are pre-qualified for Ontario Provincial rebates.  Our customers realize a faster return on their investment, making the decision to switch to LED even easier.

LED lighting systems are proven to be long lasting, reliable, energy saving and environmentally friendly.  Every day, more and more private and public sector organizations make the change to LED.  It’s time for you to join them.

Here’s how you can make the switch.  Swantech Energy Solutions will custom design the right lighting plan for your specific application.  Then we’ll search out and qualify you for all available rebates.  Finally, we will deliver reliable, proven LED lighting built for you by proven, long-term industry leaders based in North America.

Better Light, Lower Bills, Greener Planet.  It’s time for you to make the change.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose 
LED Lighting from Swantech Energy Solutions

  1. Lower Your Carbon Footprint
  2. Lower Your Hydro Consumption
  3. Reduce or Eliminate Maintenance Costs
  4. Long Working Life in all Conditions
  5. Delivers Brighter, Cleaner Light Exactly Where You Need It
  6. No Mercury or Hazardous Solids, Liquids, Gasses or Other Pollutants
  7. Fast Return on Investment
  8. Free of UV Light, Flickering or Buzzing
  9. Long Warranties from North American Companies
  10. Rebates to Help You Save Even More

Want To Learn More?

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